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The enclosed documentation details a specific set of REST based interfaces to update and manage data contained within Upaknee Campaign Manager.  Using a typical REST approach, each interface will interact with the systems using a given URL, such as https://rest-api-host.com:port/resource/paramaters.


We can understand the URL in the following parts:



Mapping each part of the URL:


      1. 1. The system directs the request to the appropriate application server with the specified port.  For all API interactions, port 443 should be used, which can be represented by https:// instead of designating the port number.
      2. 2. Now this next part of the URL mapping designates the resource and is further followed by annotations to the class.
      3. 3. Parameters are specified according to the class definition
      4. 4. Filters to limit the result set of the /resource/parameter


Use of Tokens


All interfaces within this documentation must be accessed via the appropriate REST environment using a token authentication method.  A token identifies the target account and contact list on which to perform the action.  A token is obtained from Upaknee via the Settings tab of Campaign Manager and is a 32 alpha numeric character string with an optional additional security password.


Please note that this documentation is a work in progress and will be updated as necessary.


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